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Read This Before You Buy Doubling Stocks... 

Doubling Stocks Review

By William S Bradbury

Startling facts about doubling stocks

I am a day trader since 2001. I have seen many ups and downs. I bought most of the e books regarding day trading or stock trading in general. I know that most of the eBooks are crap, but once in a while I do get some good theory or insights which worth more than the value of all these books. However,I am not that open with the stock market software.

I heard about the doubling stocks from my cousin who is very enthusiastic about it. As usual I visited their site next weekend thinking that it may be an another stock trading software, but I was wrong. It is not software, not an eBook but it is a news letter!!

Their sales letter tells you an interesting story regarding Marl-the robot and end with risk free Newsletter. After reading the sales letter, I am not sure what I should do. The subscription amounts is very less (only $ 47 for lifetime). But as I told you before I am very skeptical about stock market software. (If it would have been an eBook then I would have happily bought it) So, I closed the sell letter and I try to forget about it.

However, I could not. Since, I recognized one common thing between me and the Marl. We both give equal importance to the break out point. In fact I have earned lots of money by only waiting for the break out to occur. From my own experience, I will tell you that if someone with little or no experience want to earn money from stock market then only thing they have to do is entering after every break out. Marl-the robot also look for the break out.

As I have nothing to lose with 60 days warrantee, I decided to give it a try. Since it is a digital delivery, I did not have to wait. I also get one free eBook as Bonus which I can keep even if I ask for the refund.

What I found

When I received the picks, I started paper trading and the results are as follow.

1. CLEAN POWER TECHNOLG (CPWE.OB) $0.71(February 2007) $1.88(February 2007) +164%
2. Optionable Inc. (OPBL.OB) $8.89 (February 2007) $5.02 (March 2007) -43%
3. Regal One Corp. (RONE.OB) $0.07 (March 2007) $0.19 (March 2007) +171%
4. Transbotics Corp. (TNSB.OB) $0.47(March 2007) $0.68(April 2007) +44%
5. PAETEC Holding Corp. (PAET) $9.80 (March 2007) $19.25 (March 2007) +96%
6. BioStem Inc. (BTEM.OB) $0.46 (March 2007) $2.34 (March 2007) +408%
7. Bravo! Foods International Corp. (BRVO.OB) $0.15(April 2007) $0.28(April 2007) +86%

So, out of 7 picks given by the doubling stocks newsletter, 6 are winner and 1 looser. Naturally odd is in my favor.

Now I am very skeptical, not about the result but about how they do it because I could not understand why they are giving away this type of information at so low price ($47). Considering the high price of R&D and installing the robot etc. These will cost enormous amount of money and you cannot break even with this low one time only subscription. Not even after 100 years. So, my skeptical mind thinks that there must be some other source of income, if these two genius has to survive.

Meanwhile I started reading negative reviews of doubling stocks. I visited many forums but what I gather from all the negative reviews is, no one has raised any doubt about the validity of their picks. Only one person has shown a graph of one pick of doubling stocks which instead of going up went down. But for me this is amateurish. Since, very first lesson I learned from the stock market is 'it is not possible to avoid loss' yes, you can limit your loss but you can't altogether avoid it. If someone claims this then he must be a con artist, ready to lure you with his bait.

So, back to where I started. However, this time I am sure that there must be some hidden source of income which helps these people to survive. One day while reading the story of inside trading of very low volatile stock, I thought it may be possible that when DS write about a particular stock in their newsletter, they start buying it themselves. In our language we called it PUMP and DUMP. (You first start buying the stock in large quantity which increases the price of that stock and everyone begin to notice it, slowly people start buying that stock thinking that something good is happening to that company. Now after sometime the person who has started this game begins to book their profit and the cycle reverses. Most of the buyer lose except the initiator)

This technique is very old and today it is not possible with strict stock market control, but I thought they may have found some loop hole and may be practicing this age old technique. Since, it is quite possible if they start buying their own pick then it will increase the price of their pick immediately and when their subscribers start buying the pick they will exit with good amount of profit. This is just my assumption and I have to test it before making any conclusion.


So, next day I started testing my assumption. It is very easy to test with our transparent trading system. You know the volume of buyers and seller; you know bulk buyers and other things in real time. After one week of constant monitoring I was very disappointed. My assumption is completely wrong. After one week of rigorous testing I have to confess that doubling stocks are not involved in the game of PUMP and DUMP.

At Last I found the secret

After many brain storming I was about to throw away the question of hidden income of doubling stocks, a thought came like lightning and I begin to read their agreement and other documents which are printed in lowest possible font (It require high power magnifying glass to read it.) but, my energy is not wasted and finally I found out the secret income of doubling stocks.

Actually it is not a secret. Anyone can find it if they bother to read the small print. Everything is written there, in plain English.

The pick or recommendation given by DS is biased. Yes. They charge a fixed amount of fee from the company to feature them on their recommendation. The usual fee charged by the DS is, hold your breath, $75,000. in cash. They don't accept equivalent amount of stocks. They only want hard cash.

But if this is the case then how come their prediction becomes right 70-80 percent time? It is because they don't accept payment from all the company. They select the company on the basis of their system and if they think that it is worth while then only they accept the payment from that company. So, in the end subscribers get a good stock and DS also get the money to survive. It may be a win-win situation.


After learning the income source of DS, I stopped trading on DS picks. But just for the record I keep tracking their stock and do some paper trading. Slowly from analyzing the past record I come out with a brilliant idea. The idea is, it is possible to reduce your risk and win most of the time using DS picks. I have created a Special Reprt in which you will learn how to take DS picks to the next level.

For the general investors who donít want to bother about the technicality or have no time to understand different patterns, my recommendation is subscribed to Doubling Stocks for $47 and then wait. Don't be in haste to become millionaire. Try paper trade that is write down the price of their pick (as if you have actually bought it) and look daily whether that stock has reached their target or not. After 10 days you may get the confidence. Now device your own method of trading and start with very small amount. Don't be over confident. There are many factors that are beyond anyone's control. Be prepared to lose some.

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