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Read This Before You Buy Microcap Millionaires... 

Microcap Millionaires Review

By Our Investigation Department

Their Pitch or what their sell page tells us?

The sales pitch is ridiculous, far too hyped and if they toned it down a bit they would probably be able to sell far more subscriptions as people might take them more seriously for what I have found to be a pretty good newsletter.

Micro cap millionaires is a newsletter for those people who don't want to sit all day before the real time tick chart and raise or lower their blood pressure. If you don’t have the expertise or the time to analyze large quantities of stocks but still want to earn handsome amount of money from it then this newsletter is ideal for you.

The newsletter will tell you the name of the micro cap stock, and the exact price for buying and selling. They are also providing the updates for their pick daily, so you won’t be left behind.

There is also a full 8 week money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their newsletter then they will refund your full amount without asking you any further questions.

Main features

1. New "Bottom Bouncer" stock picks that has been they're most consistent winners for over a year now. Average gains for winners are 40% to 100%. They will tell you specific entry and exit ranges so you know where to buy and where to sell. No guesswork.

2. Short term earning by telling their subscribers, “Quick Flip” stock. QF stocks are good for generating $100 to $500 profits in 2-5 days.

3. “Bankruptcy Billionz” stock picks often give their subscribers more than 100 percent gains within 2-5 days.

4. “Reverse Merger” stock picks. Greatest profit generating picks.

5. They will send watch list if they won’t find any profitable picks.

Investigated points

They claim that their 919 trading system was under the investigation by the SEC for inside trading. However, after investigation SEC has given them ‘Clean chit”.

When we visited the SEC website and search for the alleged investigation of Micro Cap Millionaire, our search found nothing. There is no investigation of 919 trading system of Micro Cap Millionaire as far as SEC is concerned.

“With just $200, you can have a $1,000,000 bank account after just 30 trades.”

This is a grossly exaggerated statement and SEC will sure take some step if this should bring to their notice. The first question that pop up in our mind is if this is true then the owner of the Micro Cap Millionaire becomes the richest person in the word using their own system. They don’t have to sell their newsletter subscription.

They don’t elaborate the biggest risk with this penny and microcap stocks picks. If this stock goes down, you will most probably lose all you're capital. However the gain is also very high, the ratio of loss to gain should be higher in order to earn any money from it. May be the ration of 60 percent lose and 160 percent gain will be ideal.


The most of the Micro Cap Millionaire picks are less or equal to $1 so, if you happen to pick the loser then your complete investment will be washed out. However, if you happen to pick up the winner then your gain will be exponential. This does not mean that you will be millionaire within few weeks or few months. If you are thinking of becoming millionaire in a short span then you may get frustrated by Micro cap millionaire newsletter. Instead if your aim is to earn few thousands per month consistently then I will highly recommend you to subscribe Micro cap millionaire newsletter.

Let me give you some tips about how to start with the Micro cap millionaire newsletter picks. After subscribing the news letter, don’t start trading the picks. First be comfortable by trying paper trading the picks. Always use stoploss to minimize your loss. Experience will teach you where to put your stoploss.

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Product Offers/Dicounts:

$49 opposed to the previous offer of $199


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